Sweet Bear O'Mine

Jax Hart loves being a rockstar. Tiff Anderson is the furthest thing from a groupie. But when they meet, Jax knows instantly that she’s his fated mate. Can he convince her that he’s done with the rockstar lifestyle before his shifter past comes back to haunt them?

Every Bear Has its Thorn

Emily St. Clair is a good girl, determined to prove that there is more to her than her father’s name. Chase Hart is a bad boy, determined to avoid his fated mate. They can’t deny the chemistry between them, but can they survive when their worlds collide?

Some Bear Out There

“Dreary Drew” Hart doesn’t mind that the press is less interested in him than his brothers. He’s got plenty to keep him busy: being a rockstar, being the presumptive ruler of his clan, and, when he meets music journalist Nina Marten, convincing his mate that she wants to share his life.

When a Bear Loves a Woman

Grace Lopez is desperately trying to keep her little brother out of the clan wars tearing the shifter world apart. When a mysterious singer wanders into her life, she doesn’t recognize rockstar Bret Hart, but she does recognize a fellow shifter … whose family is at war with hers.