I have always been a reader...but I didn't know I was a writer until I read a romance novel.

Which ... duh. For most people, their romantic relationships are some of the most significant in their lives. The terrible ex, the one that got away, the first big crush. Who we love is who we are. Love helps us become who we wish to be. And the steamy bits, well, that's what makes life worth living! I love that in romance novels, women come first ... and often.

When I read that first romance novel, I knew I wanted to write stories like that: ones that had all the adventure and mystery and fantasy I liked, but centered the romantic stories I loved. Sharing those stories with you is my greatest pleasure!

I live in Denver, CO, USA, with my handsome husband and adorable animals. When I’m not fueling my creativity with shocking amounts of diet soda, you can usually find me in a movie theater (in a carefully-selected reclining seat) or hosting bar trivia at my local food hall. I love to travel, read, and spend time with my life-long friends.

What Got You Hooked on Romance Novels? Let me Know!