Jules Carpathian isn’t sure anymore if her father sees her as a beloved daughter, or a bargaining chip. Will Romero is supposed to be her sworn enemy … so why does she find so much pleasure in his arms?


Kat Francisco is famous in Verona for her specialty cocktails and bad attitude. Tru St. John just needs to charm while his buddy goes after her sweet sister, but he quickly finds himself falling under Kat’s spell.

Only Fools Fall

Damon Reed and Lena Rodriguez both live for the brief moments they share when he comes into her magic shop for supplies. When a spell goes wrong, the attraction between them becomes too powerful to deny.

Alter Me

Architect Tris Cousins has the opportunity of a lifetime when she’s asked to work on an important project. Unfortunately it means she’ll have to work with Ben Romero, who seems to hate her almost as much as he wants her.