The Dragon's Temptation

Damien Dragomir has been on the run his whole life, protecting his brothers from the usurpers who murdered his parents and stole his throne. He finally finds the peace he’s always wanted with Felicity Valdez, but will their love survive when he finds out who she really is?

The Dragon's Conquest

Ramona Jones has zero time for Blayze Dragomir. He’s a flamboyant playboy reveling in his fame now that the world knows that he and his brothers are dragon shifters. But when Blayze hires her to investigate a high-profile poisoning, she can’t resist the case … or the man.

The Dragon's Undoing

Vincent Dragomir doesn’t much like human life: he’d rather spend his time as a dragon, now that he doesn’t have to hide anymore. But he can’t stop thinking about his future sister-in-law: funny, sexy Joy Valdez, who is the only person who makes him enjoy being a man … in every way.

The Dragon's Redemption

Marta Petrenko’s empathetic powers let her feel the emotions of others, which is great for her nursing career but bad for relationships. When she meets Arryn Dragomir, the magic between them is overwhelming … and they’ll need every bit of it to save the world.