Secretly Craved

Skye Sylvester is an investigative reporter hot on the trail of a shady organization known only as B3. Her best lead is sexy property developer Marcus Sinclair, who is determined to keep his secrets … and keep Skye.

Secretly Mated

When Dr. Kam Hutchinson meets Caleb Ingram in a Seattle bar, she doesn’t recognize him as the tech billionaire whose organization is funding her archaeological dig. But Caleb recognizes her … as his mate.

Secretly Desired

Catalina Flores knows all about her boss’s womanizing ways. It seems like Everett Bowen has dated every woman in NYC except her. When an important launch is threatened by a lawsuit, Catalina will have to get closer to her boss … who suddenly wants to get closer to her.

Secretly Needed

When Ava Taylor finds herself injured and alone deep in the woods, the last rescuer she expects is rugged mountain-man Liam Bowen. The two days she spends in his isolated cabin are like a fantasy, but reality has a big surprise in store.