Project Description


Let me be that I am and seek not to alter me …

Tris Cousins, an architect and reluctant shifter, celebrates her first lead project by taking a ruggedly handsome stranger to bed. But when she arrives in Verona to work on the Carpathian-Romero memorial, she realizes that her handsome stranger is the town’s hardware store owner … and he’s not happy to be working with someone who owes fealty to the Carpathians. They’ll have to work together and try to forget that one night of passion.

Ben Romero’s hatred of the Carpathians has become all-consuming, and Tris becomes the focus of his hate. She’s uptight, haughty … and unbelievably sexy. It’d be best for everyone if Ben refused to work with Tris, but if he’s going to pay for his sister’s pricey tuition, he needs her business. Ben agrees to help Tris, but every encounter leaves him twisted up with anger and desire. Ben has to overcome his hatred … or risk losing the only woman who makes him feel alive.   

The heat between Tris and Ben is incendiary, but will it end in love … or hate? Find out in this modern-day adaptation of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing.