Our newest series, GAME DAY, is releasing soon! We’re super excited about this college football romance and had so much fun writing about strong, sexy college ladies and the off-the-charts-hot football players they love.

HEAD IN THE GAME, the first book in the series, follows the story of Riley, a man who believes playing football is all he can be, and Lilah, a stunningly talented artist who hates the game. Want a little taste of all the action that awaits you in the book? Read on…


The classroom is an atrium, the north wall made entirely of windows. Beyond the glass lies a breathtaking view of the Rocky Mountains cradling a clear sky. The room smells faintly of canvas and turpentine, and the wood floor is speckled with years of paint. If I had dreamed of a classroom, it would look exactly like this.

I wander the room, familiarizing myself with the supplies. For this first class, I was planning on covering the basics of watercolors and oils, so I’m pleased to see that some graduate student has stocked the storage shelves with everything I need.

Maybe this won’t be so bad. I’m already thinking about ways to adjust my prepared lectures. They’re all too formal, too stiff. A room like this is full of distractions, and I can use that. The easels and tables are on casters, which will make it simple to use all the different spaces in the room. What if I ask the students to spend a few minutes each day mixing a color the exact same blue as the sky?

Behind me, the classroom door clicks open. I turn, expecting to see that the department head has come to greet me.

The man currently filling the doorway definitely isn’t the dainty, effete department head. This guy is tall, broad, and heavily muscled. And, some part of me adds, mouth-wateringly sexy. His strong jaw is clean-shaven, and his honey-colored hair is still wet from a recent shower. I feel a purely female pulse echo through me as my mouth goes dry.

Then I notice the silver Mustangs logo on his blue T-shirt and the workout bag slung over his shoulder emblazoned with MSU Football. Dammit. He’s a football player.

“Are you lost?” I say, my words harder than usual.

“I don’t think so,” he says, in a voice that holds the cadence of wide open spaces. “I’m pretty sure I’m looking for you.”

Believe us, the sparks between Riley and Lilah heat up to scorching levels in this book. You won’t want to miss it. Be on the lookout for our series GAME DAY: A College Football Romance soon! Until then, happy reading!