Our latest series has released and we can’t wait for you to read it. Discover GAME DAY: A College Football Romance

The Mountain State Mustangs have a reputation for winning … until a sex scandal leaves them without a coach, without a quarterback, and seemingly without a chance at regaining their former glory. If they want to win, they’ll have to reignite their passion—both on the field and off. They’ll have to give it their all and put their hearts on the line if they want to score the biggest win of all—the women they love. Only one day matters … Game Day.

Through each steamy, action-packed novel, follow one of the Mountain State Mustangs and the smart, sexy woman who will win his heart.

Game Day 1: Head in the Game Game Day 2: Heart in the Game

Game Day 3: Soul in the Game Game Day 4: Love in the Game

Not to go all college cheerleader on you, but we Lilies are so excited about our latest release. We’re giving four back flips, three basket tosses, and two cheers to GAME DAY! We think you’ll cheer for this series too. Already, readers have called the first book “riveting and totally refreshing” filled with “amazing and relatable characters.”

Buy the first book, HEAD IN THE GAME, here. Or, for more bang for your buck (and your heart), pick up the boxed set for just $2.99.

Happy reading!

Love, the ladies of Lily Cahill