Will you be tempted by sexy dragon shifter Damien? We think it’s safe to say you really, really will. “The Dragon’s Temptation,” book one in our new Kings of the Fire series, comes out in just a couple weeks. But here’s a little taste of the blazing hot love story between Damien and curvy witch Felicity to whet your appetite.


Goose bumps raced up her arms. Being around him was like touching a live wire. It woke up everything inside of her, made her feel like she was made of electricity.

The cab driver honked, ruining the moment. Damien pulled back, his skin heating under her hands as he growled. He was in control, not in danger of shifting, but she loved these little moments when she could feel his strength, his power. This second side of him that was so secret, that only she knew about. It thrilled her.

“You two coming or what?”

Damien muttered, “Shortly, I hope,” and startled a laugh out of her.

He smirked at her, dark and sultry, and pulled her toward the cab, opening the back door for her. She gave her address as she settled in, surprised when Damien swung his way into the car and sat directly next to her, in the middle seat.

She quirked an eyebrow at him. “What are you doing?”

“Nothing, yet.”

The cab pulled away from the curb and pulled into the main street. It wasn’t far to The Witch’s Brew—only a couple of miles. There were advantages to living in a smaller community.

The hand on her knee abruptly cut off her train of thought. Felicity startled and then looked at Damien, who was staring straight ahead. His face looked completely neutral as his hand dipped below the hem of her knee-length skirt and began to go higher, higher.

She could feel the rough pads of his fingers on the delicate skin of her inner thighs, leaving blazing hot trails as they climbed. She tried not to squirm, but it was difficult. Her insides felt molten with sudden arousal. All of her worries seemed to vanish as she waited for him to go a little higher and touch her right—


Felicity sucked in a deep breath as he brushed the edge of her panties, his touch deliberately slow and teasing. She could feel herself growing wetter with anticipation, dampening the fabric there. Without her permission, her knees fell open, giving him easier access. He traced over her lips, his touch feather-light. She bit her lip to keep back a moan of frustration.

His clever, clever fingers pushed aside her panties and traced the slit of her sex. Felicity shuddered and glanced at him again. He was still so cool, so collected, his face forward. If she wasn’t very aware of what he was doing to her, she’d never suspect it.

She couldn’t manage that same cool façade. His fingers circled her clit, and she sucked in a breath quickly—too quickly. Her eyes darted to the rearview mirror, but their driver had his eyes on the road. She relaxed ever so slightly, only to tense again when she felt one of Damien’s fingers dip inside of her.

Felicity felt hot all over, and yet she was practically shivering. His finger pulled out and pushed back in once, twice, three times—and then was joined by a second. He quickened his pace ever so slightly. Her arousal built quickly, curling just at the base of her spine, begging for more, for him to touch her there—there—so that she could ….

Propriety be damned. Felicity couldn’t help herself. She let her head fall back against the seat, her breath picking up. She wanted to come, to break again and again over Damien’s fingers, to sob out his name. She could feel the crescendo coming, nearly there, and barely contained the whine that wanted to be released from her throat.

There were cool lips on her cheek, and then Damien withdrew his fingers.