We’re just days away from the official release of “Secretly Craved,” the first book in our new Billionaire Bear Brotherhood series. Here’s a little taste of characters Skye and Marcus to whet your appetite.


For the first time in years, Skye wasn’t thinking about what was best for her career. She was barely able to think at all. Her brain was clouded with a haze of lust. She could walk away now and end this evening like a professional. Or she could let go and, just this once, take what she wanted for herself.

Marcus reached out and tipped her chin up so she was looking him in the face. “Skye. Do you want me?”

“Yes.” The word came out on a whisper, but he obviously heard her because his eyes flared with triumph. Slowly, so slowly that she could have pulled away at any moment, he lowered his mouth to hers.

It was a soft kiss, a light kiss. Yet, it reverberated through her like an earthquake. He tasted of champagne and chocolate, of sin. She couldn’t help but reach out her tongue to taste him.

That was all he needed. He crushed her body to his, pressing her breasts against his hard chest. His hands were everywhere, hot and demanding, turning her skin to molten lava.

She was just as hungry as he was. She shoved his jacket to the floor to better feel the strong body beneath his shirt. God, he was huge—slabs of muscle layered over his torso, all hard and cut like granite. He was so strong, she thought dizzily as she ran her hands over his arms and shoulders. So powerful.

His hands were on her ass, kneading the flesh there, and she would have felt self-conscious if he hadn’t groaned with satisfaction. “I’ve been waiting to get my hands on your ass since the first time we met,” he growled in her ear, and she shivered with pleasure.

Suddenly, he boosted her up. Instinctively, she wrapped her legs around his waist. Her narrow skirt hiked up to her hips, and through the thin lace of her panties she could feel his erection pressing against the front of his pants.

If what she felt was any indication, he was huge in more ways than one.

He continued to kiss her as he carried her across the room to his desk and sat her on the edge, sweeping papers aside. “Did I mention I love you in this dress?” he asked, running his hands up her side.

“No,” she said, breathless. His blue eyes were laser-focused.

“I’m going to love you more out of it,” he said, yanking down the zipper that ran up the back.


We’ll leave the rest to your imagination …. But you can read the rest of that scene and more when “Secretly Craved” is released!